About DJP Cricket

DJP is a brand of cricket equipment owned and co-designed by Andy Pratt, owner of D & J Pratt Sportswear in Blackburn Lancashire. This family run business has been in Blackburn for over 90 years serving the local community, schools and local authorities with a range of products from equipment to sports clothing and trophies.

The DJP brand is based on extremely high quality products at affordable prices, for the youngster starting to play the game to the seasoned campaigner of all cricketing abilities. All DJP bats are made from English willow and most made here in England by bat makers of vast experience chosen by Andy. All our bats are made to a very high standard and are personally inspected by Andy before they get to the shelves.

Our business is and has always been about personal service and Andy is always available to discuss customer requirements. It is now over 90 years since George Pratt (Grandfather) started the business and in later years his Son David Pratt took over the firm. In 1982 Andy joined the business and has been involved ever since. As the DJP brand grows, more products get added to the range that now includes 5 models of bats, 4 models of batting gloves, 4 models of batting pads, 3 wicket keeping gloves, 4 holdalls, Bat Mallets and Abdo guards.

"DJP , Quality and service together"